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Inside Musical Instruments – Amazing Images

Here are some amazing images taken of musical instruments for an ad campaign for the Berliner Philharmoniker.
They show the inside of different …


Story – Gerald McCauley Part 2

From humble beginnings to worldwide inspiration
As with many icons of our time, the Rhodes has a fascinating history. McCauley gives …


Story – Gerald McCauley Part 1

A life-long love affair
McCauley’s love affair with the Rhodes goes way back, to when he first heard its distinctive sound …


How we work

Beautifully crafted digital instruments

We apply the same care and attention to detail when crafting our virtual instruments as a master craftsman would in fashioning them from wood or brass. We may be working with ones and zeros but we aspire to capture the same soul, sound and playability as the originals. At the same time through the virtual environment we bring whole new levels of possibility and flexibility to the instruments.

Striving for perfection

We settle for nothing short of perfection, using the highest quality recording equipment and meticulous processes to make sure we get the sound right. Once the perfect sound is captured, our team of developers work their coding magic to shape slick and intuitive interfaces with all the tools you need to create amazing music.

We love making music

Every single team member at e-instruments is a music enthusiast. More than that, we are a growing family of musicians dedicated to developing modern, innovative and progressive virtual instruments that inspire you to make great music.

e-instruments - Be Inspired - Make Music.

How we work


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