Creation as Craft: the overriding ethos guiding our work is craftsmanship: whether we’re devising the instruments, manufacturing equipment, sample editing, programming or designing layouts. As master craftsmen have done for centuries, we pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality in all aspects of production: musicians, instruments, amplification techniques, sample editing, monitoring, programming, scripting and user interface.

Attention to Detail: each sample has to be worked on by hand up to 20 times before we’re happy. For an instrument like Session Horns Pro with more than 60,000 samples, this will have undergone more than 1 million process steps prior to publication.

Technical Perfection: we strive constantly for technical perfection, using the very best equipment and painstaking processes to achieve the perfect sound and usability for musicians worldwide.


Capturing the Instrument’s Soul: our aim with every one of our instruments is to capture the soul of the original instrument, whilst introducing the latest in digital sound design to create new levels of creative possibilities.

User Friendly: we focus on ease of use and simplicity when creating an instrument, creating a perfectly streamlined workflow from initial sound idea to final track. We’re continuously improving our instruments to achieve the very best experience for the musician.

Highly Playable: thanks to the combination of authentic sound and flexible operation, playing one of our instruments feels just like playing the real thing – but with valuable extras.


Music is our Passion: at e-instruments we are all dedicated musicians, whether arrangers, classical musicians, DJs, sound designers, producers or composers. Our love of music goes well beyond our 9 to 5 day jobs, and this genuine passion infuses our products and our approach.

“We love both the technical perfection
and an instrument’s soul.”




Artist Relations

At e-instruments we love to work with outstanding musicians, composers and music producers as part of our artist relations programme.

Our Ideal Partner

To be considered for our artist relations programme, you must be an established professional in composing, song writing or music production, and have a passion for our products.

What We Expect

You will be obliged to take part in promotional activities, such as interviews, tutorials, and artist stories. We may use logos and graphics that represent your work with our instruments. Details of these obligations would be discussed individually.

The Benefits to You

You will get NFR (not for resale) copies of our instruments for free, and licenses will become permanent, once your obligation is fulfilled. On top of that we’ll be spreading the word about you and your work, increasing your reputation amongst our customers.

How To Apply

If you would like further details on the artist relations programme please send us a message on our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Be inspired. Make music.