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Stephen Gallagher talks about Session Keys Electric S

“As someone who’s owned three Rhodes and played a lot of Rhodes pianos I have been sceptical of Electric Piano samples …

blog interview gerald mccauley part 3

Story – Gerald McCauley Part 3

A labour of love and creativity
It certainly takes a special instrument to inspire such zeal in a seasoned music industry …

Inside musical instruments

Inside Musical Instruments – Amazing Images

Vivid illustration of craftsmanship
Here are some amazing images taken of musical instruments for an ad campaign for the Berliner Philharmoniker to illustrate …

Story – Gerald McCauley Part 2

From humble beginnings to worldwide inspiration
As with many icons of our time, the Rhodes has a fascinating history. McCauley gives …

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Story – Gerald McCauley Part 1

A life-long love affair
McCauley’s love affair with the Rhodes goes way back, to when he first heard its distinctive sound …

Story of the Fender Rhodes

Born of necessity: The Fender Rhodes Piano

A short history of the Fender Rhodes Piano
We recently released a virtual version of the legendary 1976 Fender Rhodes Piano. …

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Why A Grand Piano Sounds The Way It Does

The grand piano is one of the most fascinating musical instruments. Anybody who has ever pressed a few keys has …

Rhodes Models – Which Is Which?

Renowned the world over, the iconic Fender Rhodes electric piano graces countless top hits. Over the years different Rhodes models …

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Fender Rhodes Modifications – Our Guide

Over the years the Fender Rhodes has gained a loyal and enthusiastic following, and these devotees have come to develop …

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