If you are looking for fantastic sounding piano to use in your songwriting and music production then e-instruments has worked hard to create some of the finest professional pianos around, all powered by Native Instruments Kontakt.

Grand piano with lid open


Acoustic Piano Family

Session Keys – Grand S

Grand S delivers the rich harmonic structure, warm tone, and full resonances of the Steinway D Concert Grand Piano, used in concerts and recordings by some of the world’s greatest artists.

Two Characteristics

It may seem like a minor detail, but to experts it means the world. The Grand S was recorded with open lid as well as with the lid removed, and separate miking techniques. As a result, Session Keys Grand S comes with two very distinct sample sets: “Concert” favoured in classic recordings and “Studio” for popular music applications. Switch between the two characteristics as your creativity requires.

Find out more about the Grand S piano here

Session Keys Grand Y

Grand Y captures the clear, transparent and dynamic sound of a Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano. Rich overtones, sparkling high end, and a powerful bass are the tonal fingerprints of this outstanding instrument.

Design To Work With You

Intense music production sessions can put a strain on your senses. With its pure, minimalistic and clean design Session Keys Grand Y is easy on the eyes and helps you stay cool in heated sessions. Read all about the interface design process in the UI design case study.

Find out more about the Grand Y piano here

Session Keys Upright

Session Keys Upright Piano has been created with the philosophy that the best piano is the one that suits the music you are making. Sometimes you need a grand piano and at other times an upright piano fits better.

Our Upright piano works well in pop, rock but is equally at home in hip-hop and scoring, cutting through the mix with clear tones and stacks of personality.

Select from two upright pianos with distinctive sample sets, each with its own look, feel and sound identity.
“Open” is characterized by a piano with spatial stereo sound with individual notes meticulously detuned, creating a chorus-like effect when combined.
“Closed” is for musicians demanding a modern, intimate and perfectly tuned piano for their tracks – direct, focused and edgy piano.

Find out more about the Upright piano here

Electric Piano

Electric Piano Family

Session Keys Electric R

The Mark I

From Lounge to Fusion, from Jazz to Electro – the Mark I is omnipresent. Its unique sound fits in a variety of genres but remains unmistakably recognizable. Session Keys Electric R is based on a vintage 1976 Mark I Stage Piano, specially modified with eight individual outputs to capture every nuance of its classic sound.

Electric R offers great customization options. Details such as sustain resonance, key noises, release, and reverse samples are quickly and easily manipulated. Electric R even allows for virtual adjusting of the distance between tines and pick-ups, and control of the quantity of “unplugged” miked sound.

In addition to recording electrical output signals, an extensive microphone set-up was used to capture the pure, unaltered acoustic sound of the instrument.

The FX section of Electric R features classic electric piano effects such as Tremolo, Chorus, Amp Simulation, Delay and Reverb.

Find out more about the Session Keys Electric R here

Session Keys Electric S

The Suitcase

Nothing embodies the evolution of the electric piano better than the 1973 Suitcase: a killer package of keyboard, amp and speakers.
To recreate this much-loved electric piano classic we hunted high and low for a top-quality original. We unearthed a magnificent 1973 suitcase which spent weeks undergoing painstaking specialist restoration. Once back to peak condition we began detailed recording to capture every nuance of its original sound.

With the Electric S we wanted you to experience not only a clean, flexible and expressive sound but also the best possible feel.
The Suitcase was recorded with and without the original speaker to create two separate sound sets: Studio and Live.
Studio gives direct unaltered line-out sound, while Live captures the sound of cabinet and speakers through a comprehensive microphone set-up covering all four speakers for an incredibly realistic feel.

Find out more about the Session Keys Electric S here


Of course, you would expect us to say nice things about our pianos, after all, we poured thousands of hours into meticulously crafting each one, but don’t take out word for it. Take time to watch the videos, listen to the audio demos and read what both professional artists and the press say.

It takes a lot of time to create digital instruments that sound as good as the real thing, find out more here about how we do it.

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