“Session Keys Electric S is exactly what we need”

We sat down with producer and musician Paul Godfrey from Morcheeba. He told us why he uses our Session Keys Electric S, even though he has the real thing sitting in his recording studio.

I’m Paul Godfrey, a musician and producer and founder of the band Morcheeba, one of the Trip Hop bands from the mid-1990s onwards.

For me, it was always about mixing electronic with organic, and that’s a real tightrope to walk. I was really lucky to come across a Rhodes piano that hadn’t yet gone on eBay, and it belonged to the Professor who is Bruce Springsteen’s keyboard player. And it’s quite possibly the Rhodes from Born to Run. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to make that kind of assumption. I like to think yeah it could have been on a  classic album.

One of the advantages of the modern age with all the computers and the plugins and everything is that we can just do things instantly now. As a songwriter, I want to travel at the speed of creativity. For me to use the old Rhodes piano, it means having to mic it up make sure everything’s working.

It’s likely you are going to have problems with old gear. They need maintenance. But I’ve never liked plug-ins particularly plug-in Rhodes pianos they always ended very like the piano on the Doogie Howser intro music from the 1980s.

Then a friend convinced me that there was this great one. The Session Keys Electric S Suitcase. It sounds great as the original Suitcase piano, but it has all these different effects too that you can add the sound.  The great thing about it is that the effects are really flexible, they are some of the more convincing effects, and the amplification sounds great too. There is also some unusual kind of backwards stuff going on via the Pentamorph if you really want to take the sound to new places.

Finally, there is the Animator in Session Keys, it is the closest thing you get to a great session player playing for you on the spot. It’s nothing like an arpeggiator, which I hate!

In the days of no budget Session Keys Electric S is exactly what we need.

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