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Advanced Features


Calling Out

Powerful stabs and an expressive solo are the highlights of this track.

Alone In The Night

Two tracks of Smart Voice Split perform lines and chords and a muted trumpet handles lead.

Mind Trip

Pure funk. This ensemble features baritone sax, tenor sax, and trumpet.

Groove Coaster

This lively groover features blazing horns courtesy of the Animator and Smart Voice Split features.

Road House

Vintage setup with baritone and tenor sax, and trumpet 2 – incredibly flexible horns.

Chillin' On Horns

An entire song based on the Smart Chord feature – smooth, flowing vibrato and a muted trumpet.

Keys To The Kingdom

Played in Keyswitch Mode. Listen to how fluidly the notes blend.

Go Lightly

Session Horns Pro’s solo instruments give this pop number an anthemic lift.

A Stab In The Dark

Precise stabs and rich pad-like sounds all in the same track.

Skallite Heart

Session Horns Pro blends perfectly with real mic’d up instruments.

Electro Cuban

Session Horns Pro's muted trumpet is featured in this Latin track.


Supreme Horns

Supreme Horns

Take control of 10 instruments sampled in surgical detail, intuitively playable, and arranged for realistic performance.
Session Horns Pro gives you 30 GB of authentic contemporary horns: three saxophones, two trombones, three trumpets, tuba and flugelhorn.
It features 38 pre-arranged section presets across all popular styles to get you started, and is suited to every type of contemporary music.


Flexible Session Horns

Flexible Session Horns

Customize your horn section with up to six instruments split into four voices.
The comprehensive internal mixer allows you to precisely adjust each individual instruments to your liking. Set individual instrument levels and panning, compress and EQ each voice separately, and sweeten with reverb and delay.
Add master effects including compression, EQ, tape saturation, and a lowpass filter, then complete the mix with the special ‘twang’ amp simulation.


Customizable Animator

Customizable Animator

Animator is a smart feature, providing an intuitive and inspiring way to play authentic brass phrases while maintaining real-time control. Jam on over 200 ready-to-play, expertly-arranged riffs. Trigger up to six phrases at a time via keyswitch, always in perfect harmony.


Smart Voice Split

Smart Voice Split

Create stunning horn arrangements with your keyboard in no time. Smart Voice Split automatically allocates each note of a chord to the corresponding brass instruments, just as an arranger would do.
Press two keys, and the instruments split into lower and higher ranges – trumpets at the top and sax and trombone at the bottom. Play three keys, and the trombone is automatically mapped to the lowest note. Add a fourth note below, and the trombone takes up the new bass note, while the higher pitches are allocated to the rest of the ensemble.


Smart Chord

Smart Chord

Tying to capture that funky brass chord or surprising melodic changes? With Smart Chord it's simple, using just one or two fingers, to get perfectly-built chords, orchestrated and arranged for typical horn voicings.


Expressive Performance

Expressive Performance

Make your horn arrangements sparkle with 34 articulations, up to four round robins, up to four velocity layers, and true vibrato samples.
Choose the perfect solo instrument for your requirements and revel in its realism.
Or switch to Legato mode to automatically handle the note transitions, adding deeper expression and authenticity.


Session Horns Pro

  • 10 instruments
  • First trumpet, second trumpet, mute trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, bass trombone, tuba, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
  • 34 articulations
  • Customize up to six-piece horn section
  • Smart Voice Split creates authentic arrangements automatically
  • True legato samples for realistic note transitions
  • Customizable Animator with over 200 expertly-arranged riffs
  • Mixer section and master effects
  • Dedicated NKIs for performance and production
  • All instruments as solo NKIs
  • Size: 42.4 GB / 29.5 GB (lossless sample compression)
  • Please note that a minimum of 6 GB RAM is required for full functionality
  • Requires free Kontakt 5 Player or Kontakt 5 Version 5.5.1 or higher
    • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
    • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 oder 10.11 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo

Full Version €299 / $299

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Session Horns Pro

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