“Consider it an opportunity to go out of the standard Hollywood/classic strings market segment.”



“Session Strings opened up a whole new way of being a “Fiddler”. I had to totally rethink my approach. All the staccato and Mtown strings are beautiful! I love Session Strings because they sound soooo real.”

Amp Fiddler, artist and producer (George Clinton, Prince, Moodymann, Jamiroquai)





Flight Of The Blackbirds

Staccato and spiccato.

Beautiful Minds

Glissandi, slides and crescendos offer intriguing possibilities.

Moving On

Soulful string arrangements with the MTown presets.


Smooth tremolo and pizzicato articulations demonstrated in this lounge piece.

Waiting Game

Fast runs and true glissando transitions make for suspenseful soundtracks.

Forever More

MTown sounds in a modern mix.

Above The Trees

Create expressive yet intimate soundtracks with Session Strings.

String Thing

MTown presets featured in this funky late 60s/early 70s track.

Night Falls

Tight short articulations in a modern disco context.

The West Cubed

The go-to solution for modern Pop, R&B and House. Features spiccato and staccato articulations.


That classic vintage disco string sound featuring scoop, falls and crescendo articulations.

Discothèque Strings Solo

The string part in closer detail.


Modern Strings

Modern Strings

Created with R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop music producers in mind, this contemporary string section is your go-to ensemble for a tight, warm and direct sound.
Where standard orchestral strings cannot do the job, let Session Strings pick up the bow.


The Full Ensemble

The Full Ensemble

Session Strings has been designed for maximum ease of use – start playing and instantly control the full ensemble. Intuitively laid out, the instrument groups are mapped across the full keyboard range, with double bass on the lower keys and violins at the top end. Enjoy beautifully smooth cross-fading between each instrument group as you work your way up the register.


Featured Instruments

Featured Instruments

Get the sound of genuine 18th and 19th century instruments in a premier 11-piece string ensemble at your fingertips.
Four violins, three violas, two cellos and two double basses to bring depth and beauty to your music in an instant.




Transform chords into groovy staccato, spiccato or pizzicato phrases, rhythmically riffing on your harmonies.


MTown and Standard

MTown and Standard

Switch between modern and vintage sound: MTown presets recreate the legendary 60s and 70s string sound synonymous with iconic Motown recordings.




The range of expression in Session Strings is phenomenal, with easily-controllable falls, slides and crescendos instantly creating soulful and funky licks.
Performed by musicians from some of Europe's finest orchestras, Session Strings realises passion and perfection in every detail.


Session Strings

  • Contemporary string ensemble
  • Modern production section with 11 players
  • 12 Articulations for expressive playing
  • Animator for rhythmic phrases
  • Standard and MTown presets
  • 48 NKIs
  • Size: 2.3 GB / 1.65 GB (lossless sample compression)
  • 24 bit, 44.1 kHz
  • Requires free Kontakt 5 Player or Kontakt 5 Version 5.5.1 or higher
    • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM
    • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 oder 10.11 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM

Full Version €99 / $99

Owners Manual

Session Strings

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