We are delighted to receive some outstanding reviews for our instruments from some of the finest and most respected music production magazines and websites in the world.


Session Keys Electric W Gui Shot Content

Session Keys Electric W

“At an extremely fair price, Session Keys Electric W encourages you to experiment with the Wurli piano. For makers of ambient, trip hop, lounge or film music it offers very practical inspiration aids and ultimately proves to be a perfect solution for traditional live players as well. All in all, Session Keys Electric W is a hot tip.” Beat.de (German only)


Session Keys Grand reviewsSession Keys Grand S and Y

“Forget the technicalities, use your ears and you’ll agree Session Keys sounds damned good. Check out the GUI and its fine-tuning options, Smart Chord and Animator functions, and you’re definitely getting much more than just another virtual piano. Musicians who want a piano in their tracks, but can’t play one will get their money’s worth from Session Keys. Hopefully, e-instruments will be providing further libraries of Animations in the future.” AudioTechnology Magazine.

“Session Keys really does have something for everyone. At its core, each of the two pianos ship with a stunning set of samples that are among the absolute best out there. Add to this the ability to control harmonic resonances and sample envelopes, and the ability to morph in real time between acoustic, reverse, and natural noise samples, and you’ve got something really unique and special. The Smart Chords and Animator functions make sophisticated and inspiring, yet customizable, piano performances available for “the rest of us”. Each of the two instruments weighs in at a hefty 4GB  – 5 GB in size. But that’s nothing for modern day hard drives. Session Keys is easily managed within Kontakt or Kontakt Player. There is currently a very attractive special on if both pianos are purchased. They’re both so good, you won’t go wrong with either. If you are a piano junkie, go for both.” Logic Pro Expert

“A rich, versatile, fun package at a good price.” Music Radar

“As a software recreation of grand pianos with all the sound-shaping and tonal controls you would expect, these are excellent performers that will help you to incorporate almost any kind of grand piano sound you like into your tracks, and they’re excellent for solo performance as well. What really adds to the value, though, is the addition of the Smart Chord and Animator sections that open up the possibility of complex musical figures even to those without advanced keyboard skills” MusicTech

 Session Keys Upright reviews

Session Keys Upright

“This is definitely going to enter my workflow when I can’t use my real upright piano… it’s that good!” Production Expert

 “It all adds up to a great-sounding and very playable instrument with lots of creative sonic potential.” SOUND ON SOUND

“With Session Keys Upright, e-instruments has again achieved a direct hit. The beautiful, clear piano sound is just as suitable for solo performances as in interaction with other instruments. With the large range of virtual instruments, I’ve already asked myself: How many pianos does a person actually need? No idea – but I need this one!” Music Know How

“The Real Deal … The time and effort that has gone into recording and constructing Upright’s sample set is plain to hear, and it’s clear that no corners have been cut. The quality of the samples is pristine, and they are perfectly balanced across the entire keyboard.” MusicTech

MusicTech Choice AwardMusicTech Value Award

Session Keys Acoustic Bundle

5/5 Stars. “e-Instruments have essentially pulled off a miracle by creating a library that with a little tweaking can satisfy almost any composer’s hunger for an ideal piano sound.  Whether you’re an eclectic composer, a piano snob or just a piano library collector, Session Keys Acoustic Bundle deserves to be at the top of your list.” StrongMocha


e-instruments session horns reviewsSession Horns

“Session Horns brings a bright, lively four-piece brass ensemble to a keyboard near you. With care and consideration, it’s capable of producing very believable results, using just one instance of the Performance patch, and the surprisingly flexible Animator certainly helps to add a touch of realism when you don’t have the time or inclination to flesh out authentic arrangements yourself. Although an instrument in this price range won’t cover every conceivable articulation and playing technique, it offers enough expressivity to do the job convincingly well, and represents very fair value for money.” Sound On Sound

“Session Horns provides a quick and unique way for both inexperienced and pro arrangers alike to overdub modern, powerful-sounding horn lines and short phrases onto their productions. It doesn’t cover all aspects of horn writing, but if you want modern funky riffs and licks for pop, reggae and soul productions, Session Horns deserves serious consideration.” MusicTech

“Overall I just feel like NI delivered a nice and usable horn section with good dynamics that respond to playing and velocity well.” Sound and Gear

e-instruments session horns pro reviews

Session Horns Pro

“Whether you use it as a solo instrument or a section, with auto arranging features or build parts from the ground up, the breadth of articulations and dynamics, quality of samples and the MIDI control let you find exactly what you are looking for. Excellent stuff!” Music Radar

“If you haven’t bought the first version and you produce the kind of music where funky horns, both vintage and modern, are an important ingredient, Session Horns PRO ought to be on your shopping list.” MusicTech

“Session Horns Pro really does have something for everyone. For those needing a library of preset phrases and the ability to trigger them simply, to those looking for brass section style voicing of the chords they input (me!), to those who want ultimate control over complete section arrangements or solo horns, Session Horns Pro will deliver. Finally a realistic sounding brass section instrument!” Logic Pro Expert

“Short of hiring a real horn section you’re not likely to find a better playable brass instrument than this.” Ask Audio

Session Keys Electric R reviews

Session Keys Electric R

“Definitely one to investigate if you’re after an authentic Rhodes experience, and well worth considering as a foil to other Rhodes software you might own.” Sound on Sound

Session Keys Electric S reviews

Session Keys Electric S

“The sonic options that blow away the competition. Yes, you can play it for authentic and perfect jazz sounds, but Electric S is simply brimming with so many effects and dynamic frills that it becomes a synthesizer in nature – so is capable of moving well away from the norm into dreamy atmospheric territories. Great price and a stunning range of sounds and options” MusicTech Magazine

“This is the virtual Rhodes that’s accurate enough for funk and fusion classics, but deep and tweaky enough to get even the modular kiddies thinking of the venerable EP as a new type of synthesis machine. For 80 bucks, that’s no small feat.” Keyboard Magzine

“It’s flawless sampling and mapping feels great to play whether you are a newbie or a Rhodes aficionado. I think it’s a great choice either as your first third-party keyboard instrument or as a valued addition to a collection of electric pianos that brings interesting and unique variations to the party not found in other Rhodes emulations.” Pro Tools Expert

e-instruments session strings pro reviews

Session Strings Pro

“This library delivers strings on a smaller ‘pop’ scale, but is actually suitable for many musical genres.” Sound On Sound

“Matching versatility and classy sound to a reasonable price – SSP is truly excellent. Rich, warm string sound. Flexible ensemble sizes. Animator creates instant, soundtrack-ready string sequences. Flexibility is key to SSP’s success – four sampled ensemble groups, with two available within each preset, independent level control over each, myriad articulations, the dynamic Animator, not to mention high-quality effects. The sound oozes class too and seems particularly tailored to scoring and pop production work. A real joy.” Music Radar

“It could be that you’re after this pack for classical or pop stylings, or indeed disco or soul applications (the latter two are provided for by special presets to recreate sounds from your favourite records, but whatever the case there’s a huge amount to get to grips with here” DV Magazine

e-instruments eBass reviews

eBass For Studio One

“e-instruments put a lot of time and thought into these instruments and they are clearly a winner!” Studio One Expert

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